What are the implications of ‘confirmation bias’ on data visualizations? If a viewer is prejudiced against a certain set of data, will they subconsciously reject the »


Is letting the viewer curate their own data visualization somehow better than presenting something static and purposefully crafted? Perhaps interactivity is more democratic or unbiased, but »


“The Purpose of data visualization–any data visualization–is to illuminate data. To show patterns and relationships that are otherwise hidden in an impenetrable mass of »


Response Questions 3-20 • Clearly there are many ways to make data visualization misleading, but often this is a result of making a graph more visually enticing. »


R3 “The issue is about diagrams that are accurate, versus those that are understandable” In the field of information visualization, is legibility more important than accuracy? »


R1 Response Questions Does the “ease” of Python or its lack of complex syntax have any negative impact on what it can produce? What are the »

Box Plots

Box Plots Introduced in 1977 by mathematician John Tukey, the box plot is a two-part depiction of a given data set, using a central "box" and »