1. Is letting the viewer curate their own data visualization somehow better than presenting something static and purposefully crafted? Perhaps interactivity is more democratic or unbiased, but isn’t discerning the pertinent/important information a large part of visualizing data?

  2. Not really a question, but I would agree with Dominkus Bauer on the 15% engagement issue. It seems as though a vast majority of people on the NYT website don’t really have the time to dig through an interactive visualization– as he says, they probably arrived there from a link on twitter and just want to spend a few seconds glossing over the article. Even with Gregor Aisch’s points about interactivity, aren’t they objectively sort of a waste of money and time when they live on fast-news websites?

  3. Bauer purports that installations are a more acceptable context for interactive dataviz than news websites. Is there a way to simulate the installation experience without the physical space? How can you replicate his idea of “time” spent looking at a visualization on the internet? Is the internet too fast-paced to properly house interactive visualizations?