Reading Response #8

Reading Response #8 For interactive graphics, why was it assumed people wanted to or would interact with them in the first place? If information is hidden »

Reading Response #6

Reading Response #6 Question #1 “Wrong as it is, the map doesn’t fail to startle; the replies and retweets are filled with tweets shocked at »

Response #5

For the National Land Cover Database’s map of “Land Cover Classes” why have any variation in shades for categories? (If “urban” is shown through four »

Reading Response #3

Response to Ben Fry's Computational Information Design "...the issue is not that the visual design should be 'prettier'. Rather, that the approach of the visual designer »

Reading Response

Reading Response 1) Is Python/PlotDevice intended for web use? If not, what are the benefits of using this over a program that can be hosted »

The Matrix

Why use a matrix? A matrix is best used to visualize any two dimensional set of numbers, colors, intensities, sized dots or other glyphs. A common »