Week 2

February 27
  • Presentations
  • PlotDevice Q&A
  • PlotDevice exercises
    • experiment with the size and background commands to control the ‘canvas’
    • draw a rectangle (rect) and a circle (oval)
    • draw a grid of shapes (either manually or using the grid command)
    • use the poly command to draw a series of regular polygons (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon) and label each using the text command
    • set the background color using hex-strings, RGB values, and color names
    • use the fill command to change the ‘ink’ color and draw shapes with various levels of grey
    • experiment with adding an additional 'opacity' argument when setting a fill and note how overlapping shapes become translucent
    • try using different blend modes to affect how overlapping colors are combined
    • set a stroke color to outline shapes
    • use the radius argument to the poly and arc commands to draw a series of concentric circles/squares
    • try using the random command to choose positions, sizes, colors, etc.
    • use the WIDTH and HEIGHT constants with random to choose coordinates that will be visible on the canvas
    • draw a smiley face using a combination of arcs and polygons
  • develop 3 different ideas for the A Thousand Suns project.
  • read National Geographic article (and post 3 discussion questions using the tag ‘R2’)