Week 2 Reading Response

Q1: Science has certain applications, many are incredibly useful and necessary, but there has been a trend within the fine arts and design disciplines to use scientific methodology to leverage the importance or justification of ones work. Is this something that people are aware of or is it part of the subconscious adjustment to the informational age we now live in? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Q2: "Science appeals to our rational brain, but our beliefs are motivated largely by emotion." (Achenbach). How can a shift in scientific rhetoric improve appeal to the more emotional beliefs that are not currently being accessed?

Q3: The rapid democratization of information over the last two decades has opened up a world of new access to information, but in turn has dissolved our past structures of believing. How can design encourage a new trust in the importance of accurate and verified information without pretense or heavy handedness? Is there a subtle way to revert the damage caused by this saturation of falsely created information?