Week 1

February 20
  • Assessment of student skills, levels, and interests
    • What do you want to learn in this class?
    • What sorts of data/information graphics work have you done previously?
    • Any coding experience?
  • Introduction to course goals and expectations
  • Intro talk
  • Exercise: Catalog & Classify
    • Create and publish a new post and assign it the tag “catalog” in the gear menu.
    • Describe your chosen visualization type in terms of the kinds of values it represents (e.g., fractions, integers, percentages, etc.) and the sorts of comparisons it enables or discourages.
    • Include 3 images demonstrating ‘good’ uses of this visualization type.
    • Include 3 images demonstrating ‘bad’ uses and describe why they are less successful.
    • Consult the Markdown Guide to help you format your text & images.
  • Refine your Catalog entry based on the class discussion and see if you can find additional examples (with an emphasis on the ‘good’ uses of the form).
  • Next week we'll have an in-class programming workshop. In preparation for that, please read this selection of tutorial chapters.
  • As with every reading assignment, you will be expected to post 3 questions to the class blog the night before the next class meeting to help guide our in-class discussion. Be sure to add the tag "R1" to your post by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the screen.