The death of interactive infographics?

Questions on, The death of interactive infographics

By Jonathan W. Melendez Davidson 05.01.2017

  1. At first, the post assumes that al data visualization is graphic and in a 2D format, yet it ignores data visualizations which occur through the creation of experiences and installations which are bound to go beyond the point and click interfaces. Of course, the act of making them physical makes them less ‘viral’ and accessible to large audiences but might leave a larger impact on those who do interact with it.

  2. The authors brings up a good point which we briefly discussed in class and that is that while designing visualizations of data we rarely ever think about the audience. Who is the target we are seeking to deliver this information too and what is the best way to deliver it to them. This lack of specificity raises the problem of lack of interaction.

  3. Onboarding seems to be the trickiest part when making data visualizations how to get the user or intended audience to care/understand the work at hand. But beyond that I think data visualizations tend to believe themselves as an end goals without taking responsibility of the actions which occur after information transmission. I wonder if designers should go beyond the transmission of data to create that care and transform that care into a specific action.