Linear and radial parallel coordinates

Linear and radial parallel coordinates

For the representing multi-dimensional data

Linear parallel coordinates

Radial coordinates / star plots

  • product or skill comparison examples
  • a comparison of two sample multi-vitamins as percentage of daily intake vitamins

  • a comparison of car features cars



  • allows assessment of symmetry of the values rather than to compare magnitudes
  • data is circular intuitively / by convention
  • visually interesting


  • Generally less intuitive / more difficult to read than a bar graph
  • Doesn't impose uniform scale along multiple axes varying scales
  • Difficult to compare values along non-adjacent axes
  • Difficulty in properly labelling axes
  • Shapes distracting from read of data

scores Combines circular connections between axis values and straight line connections. Order / relationship between countries over emphasized. Suffers from occlusion (part of the visualization obscures another part.)

Same data in a bar graph: