Reading Response 9

Reading Response 9 The scientific laboratory type of experience is a much better model for reaching factual consensus, but is it possible to apply this model »

Reading Response 8

Reading Response Week 8 I think there is merit to the idea of static interactivity and the use of a high resolution poster, but I wonder »

Reading Response 6

Reading Response #6 The “20,000 foot view”:The aerial view of people is a difficult thing to represent especially when looking at it from a »

Reading Response Week 5

Cultural Connotations of color use: Are there ways to create universal understanding using color or do the complexities of cultural connotations create make this too difficult. »

Reading 3

Reading 3 Computational Information Design ~ Ben Fry 2004 How does the computational designer select what information is included in a visualization without being reductive, too complex, »

Week 2 Reading Response

Q1: Science has certain applications, many are incredibly useful and necessary, but there has been a trend within the fine arts and design disciplines to use »

Reading 1 Response

Q1: What are some of the pros and cons between using third-party open source code and building your own code? What should one be critical of »

Heat Map

Heat Maps Heat maps are graphic representations of data where individual values are color coded in a matrix. Values are often integers but may be a »