Week 12

May 15 The Final Crit Submitting your work By midnight on the evening of May 22nd (one week from today), you must email me documentation for »

Week 11

May 8 Presentations Philip - Jennifer Daniel Connor – Oliver Byrne Ala – [Unspecified cartographer] Reading #9 Individual meetings on Free form to plan out finishing touches Assignment »

Week 10

May 1 Presentations Chloe - Nicholas Felton Grace - Ben Fry Gavin - Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte Philip - Jennifer Daniel Molly - W.E. »

Reading #9

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds By Elizabeth Kolbert New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason Read at the New Yorker »

Reading #8

Interactivity is dead / long live interactivity Dueling blog posts from Dominikus Baur & Gregor Aisch The Death of Interactive Infographics? If you’re doing interaction well, »

Week 9

April 24 Presentations Caitlyn Sit on Mike Bostock Chloe Karayiannis Nicholas Felton Grace Kim Ben Fry Reading #7 Uncharted: final crit Time permitting: look over Free »

Reading #7

Data Visualization in Sociology By Kieran Healy and James Moody Visualizing data is central to social scientific work. Despite a promising early beginning, sociology has lagged »

Free Form

Our previous assignments have been characterized by either the data or the form being pre-determined. In this final visualization project you will choose both the subject »

Week 8

April 17 Presentations Jonathan on William Playfair & Otto Neurath/Isotype Reading #6 on the the problematic™ nature of dots Uncharted meet in small groups Free »

Reading #6

Connecting with the Dots By Jacob Harris All of this has made me wonder what other approaches people have used to anchor their graphics in empathy. »

Week 7

April 10 Presentations Caitlyn on Small Design Jonathan on William Playfair Pick new Topics for the second round of presentations Reading #5 on the Subtleties of »


In the previous assignment we’ve seen how conventional plot- and chart-types can be combined to convey information diagramatically. The various graphical building blocks you’ve »

Reading #5

Subtleties of Color By Robert Simmon The use of color to display data is a solved problem, right? Just pick a palette from a drop-down menu »

Week 6

April 3 Presentations Chloe on Catalogtree Molly on Stamen Connor on Lust.nl Philip on Martin Wattenberg A Thousand Suns final crit Assignment Proposals for 2 »

Week 5

March 20 Presentations Chloe on Catalogtree Molly on Stamen “Proportional ink” reading A Thousand Suns: meet in small groups Assignment Complete A Thousand Suns projects For »

Week 4

March 13 Presentations Marie on mgmt. design Gavin on O.C.R Grace on Golan Levin Ala on Charles Minard Reading #3 from Ben Fry's Thesis »

Reading #4

The Principle of Proportional Ink by Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West In this article we explore a basic rule for the design of data graphics, the »

Reading #3

Computational Information Design By Ben Fry The ability to collect, store, and manage data is increasing quickly, but our ability to understand it remains constant. In »

Week 3

March 6 Presentations Ala on Charles Minard Marie on mgmt. design Reading #2 A Thousand Suns progress share external data sources meetings in small groups Assignment »

Reading #2

Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science? By Joel Achenbach We live in an age when all manner of scientific knowledge—from climate change to vaccinations— »

A Thousand Suns

For our first warm-up exercise, we'll be examining a simple time-series dataset: the history of nuclear testing by the eight (declared) nuclear nations. In the first »

Week 2

February 27 Presentations pick a presentation topic and choose a date PlotDevice Q&A your questions PlotDevice exercises experiment with the size and background commands »

Presentation Topics

FROM HISTORY Ladislav Sutnar Otto Neurath Oliver Byrne Jacques Bertin W.E.B. Du Bois William Playfair Charles Joseph Minard CONTEMPORARY Catalogtree Golan Levin Ben Fry »

Week 1

February 20 Assessment of student skills, levels, and interests What do you want to learn in this class? What sorts of data/information graphics work have »

Reading #1

Python Crash Course Getting started with Python & PlotDevice Of the many scripting languages in popular use, Python has a reputation for ease-of-learning and power that »


Charts and graphs have an indisputable aura of objectivity and yet, much like statistics, they have an immense power to either elucidate or mislead. What makes »